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Laura Lotti has released her own albums, including “Harp Eclectic” (2021) and “Harpando” (2017), featuring her original compositions. Additionally, she frequently releases singles, available on all major music platforms.

The album “Harp Eclectic,” is an artistic journey rich in diverse harp music, often combined with guitar pedals, electronic sounds and samples. The album contains a range of emotions, from calm and melancholic pieces to roughly prepared harp compositions and dreamy, groovy beats. With its soundtrack-like character, “Harp Eclectic” invites listeners to embark on an immersive musical experience.



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In 2017, Laura Lotti released “Harpando,” an album that can be described as a constantly flowing landscape composed with harp sounds. The diverse colors of the sound palette meander through the tracks, creating an ever-evolving musical journey where nothing remains stagnant, and nothing reaches its final destination.