Venturing into new horizons, Laura Lotti introduces her latest opus, “Harposphera” (February 2024). Her artistry is a fusion of tradition and innovation within the harp’s domain. With an audacious incorporation of prepared harp techniques and the nuanced touch of multi-effects guitar pedals, she splendidly broadens the scope of the harp. This album is a profound testament to her exploration of ambient harp sounds that intertwine gracefully with acoustic melodies produced by the harp, often combined with electronic effects. Notably, every musical thread within this album traces back to the harp, including the percussive elements conjured from its very soundboard.

The overarching theme of the album dances within the cosmic expanse, seamlessly weaving through galaxies, nebulae, stars, and the universe at large. These compositions traverse the spectrum, oscillating from soothing melodies that cradle the soul to more experimental soundscapes, all while maintaining a delicate balance between meditative contemplation and daring experimentation.

Laura Lotti’s oeuvre resides at the forefront of new and contemporary classical music, while effortlessly traversing the realms of ambient, atmospheric, and neo-classical genres.