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Laura Lotti’s artistry is an enchanting blend of tradition and innovation, bridging the gap between classical harp music and contemporary exploration. With her great creativity and profound connection to the harp, she continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression with her evocative compositions and mesmerizing performances.

Her music offers a moment for contemplation, infusing a calming swing into one’s mood. Groovy, cheerful, and uplifting harp melodies create a sense of serenity and gentle focus. Through her compositions, she creates an ambient atmosphere that envelops listeners, transporting them to a realm

Laura Lotti has been exploring the sonic capacity of her instrument for some time, setting the goal of giving a new artistic identity to the harp in her quest for a distinctive sound. This manifested in a beautiful final product, her album ‘Harposphera’ (February 2, 2024).

With integration of “prepared” harp techniques and the use of multi-effect guitar pedals, Laura Lotti gracefully broadens the scope of the sonic spectrum on the harp. Ambient harp sounds are intricately woven with acoustic melodies, often combined with electronic effects. Every musical input originates from the harp, including the percussion recorded on the soundboard.

Introduced to the harp at the tender age of six, Laura Lotti was immediately conquered by its magical sound, a fascination that remains with her to this day. As a seasoned artist in the realm of the arts, her expertise and versatility shine through in her compositions and performances.

Her artistry is a fusion of tradition and innovation within the harp’s domain. With an audacious incorporation of prepared harp techniques and the nuanced touch of multi-effects guitar pedals, she splendidly broadens the scope of the harp. This album is a profound testament to her exploration of ambient harp sounds that intertwine gracefully with acoustic melodies produced by the harp, often combined with electronic effects. Notably, every musical thread within this album traces back to the harp, including the percussive elements conjured from its very soundboard.

In 2021, Laura Lotti released the album “Harp Eclectic,” an artistic journey rich in diverse harp music, often combined with guitar pedals, electronic sounds and samples. The album showcases a range of emotions, from calm and melancholic pieces to roughly prepared harp compositions and dreamy, groovy beats. With its soundtrack-like character, “Harp Eclectic” invites listeners to embark on an immersive musical experience.

In 2017, Laura Lotti released “Harpando,” an album that can be described as a constantly flowing landscape composed with harp sounds. The diverse colors of the sound palette meander through the tracks, creating an ever-evolving musical journey where nothing remains stagnant, and nothing reaches its final destination.


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