Laura Lotti

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Laura Lotti is a harpist and composer that focuses on her original harp works.

An experience from calm music to experimental harp sounds. Strong elements from Modern Classical music, Ambient music, Minimal music and here and there Electronic music.

For Laura Lotti the versatile side of the harp is the starting point to create music. In her music you can hear the familiar sound of the instrument in peaceful melodies, but also songs with quirky “prepared” harp.


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cover art © Margriet van de Leur

cover art © Margriet van de Leur

Harp Carrousel (2021)
This song radiates joy, luck and hope. Harp flageolets like a sparkling drink . A sweet harp melody as icing on the pie. A spark of joy!

cover art © Margriet van de Leur

Hidden Harp (2022)

This song is dedicated to the hidden powers in yourself.

cover art © Margriet van de Leur